About Us

Welcome to Playhitz radio station website. We’re bring the best platform of radio music to the next level.

We’re changing up music everyday with something refreshing. Playing top40 & Hip-Hop. Every month over 30 songs will be add to Playhitz rotation list. We’re constantly looking at the Playhitz chart list. To see what song is really popping and what song is (NOT) popping. To make sure to bring the best music their is.

Plus we’re putting more power in the listeners hands. Got a song you want to hear?. Make a request now our website. Your request will be put automatic on the top list to be heard first ?. If the song has already been play. You’ll have to wait on the time limit on that song to be available again.

You can make up to 19 requests songs a day?. Once you use up 19 request’s.You’ll have wait 24 hours to make a song request.

Are you on the go person constantly leaving the house?. Now you can download the Playhitz app on mobile, Tablet & other device’s. Available on Itunes Store & Google Play Store.


Thanks for visiting Playhitz website.

Happy listening ??

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